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Urca Angels


Urca Angels is a Brazilian network of investors mainly composed by former Instituto Militar de Engenharia (IME) Alumni who are interested in new, cutting edge early stage startups on individual basis.


Urca Angels was formed in 2019 and is composed by a diverse team of C-Levels, mentors, former startup founders, professional investors and managers who are actively involved in the Brazilian startup ecosystem.


Our approach is to identify and invest in high potential and long-term growth opportunities, with a focus in technology. Urca Angels leverages prior investment experience, industry experience and functional expertise, creating value for each company in which we invest. 

Reflecting the diverse expertise of our team, Urca Angels’s mission is to invest in many different field of activities, including fintechs, e-commerce, energy, agtech, and many others. We are looking to leverage and invest in startups with scalable products, disruptive ideas, high growth and a team with strong execution capabilities.

We are a forming a new generation of angel investors – we offer no bureaucracy, decisions as quickly as possible and constant contact and support to companies in which we invest. Our trademarks are a hands-on approach, with support in M&A, introduction to potential partners, customers and other investors. 


Pre Seed or Seed

Ticket size per Investment

R$200k to R$2mn

Ticket size per Angel Investor

R$10k to R$100k


150+ Angel investors


R$16mn in 25 Startups

Startups presenting per year


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Do you want to introduce a startup?

Please apply and we will enter in contact.

We run live and recorded e-forums on Mondays, 7:00 PM São Paulo time. Meeting will last 1h 30min with the first 30 minutes reserved for the deck presentation & product and the remaining time focused on Q&A and interactions with our members.

If the potential investment meets our criteria and investment standards, we run a quick due diligence process and analysis before deciding to move forward with each investment.

Startup has to have 1) FulltimeTeam 2) TidyCaptable 3) ProprietaryTech 4) GrowingKPIs

Common terms are 1) Down-Round protection 2) KPIs reported Quarterly 3) Pro-Rata Rights 4) Drag & Tag Along 5) Put Option 6) Lock-Up 7) Non-Compete 9) Earn-Out protection

For each investment we sign one simple set of paperwork, with straight forward language and conditions.


Even though we invest in just a fraction of the companies introduced to us, many companies that do no progress further in our process still benefit from it, as the group always provides inputs and feedbacks for entrepreneurs based on our members’ large experience in startups and business matters.

We are NOT a venture fund.